Day 119 (5q23.3-5q31.2): a Sosondowah gene, forever bound to its neighbor

Day 119 has 79 protein-coding genes (browser view) including SOWAHA (Sosondowah Ankyrin Repeat Domain Family Member A).

This gene was originally discovered in flies, and was named because it seemed to stay next to another gene (already named Iroquois) in almost all animal genomes. Usually two genes would not stay neighbors across evolution and would become shuffled – so they must be shackled together for a good reason.

From Irimia et al:

[T]he linkage between CG10632, CAVIII, and Iroquois genes … has been maintained in members of all major metazoans groups, encompassing more than 600 million years of evolution, in one of the most striking examples ofconserved synteny between 2 phylogenetically unrelated genes. For this reason, we propose for this gene the name Sosondowah (sowah), after the mythological hunter tied to her doorpost by the Iroquois sky’s goddess.

However, SOWAHA and other sowah genes in human have drifted away from the IRX (Iroquois) genes.

Click here to see all 8644679 letters of Day 119 with SOWAHA underlined.

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