Day 165 (Xp22.31-Xp22.2): TLR7/8, a virus detector


Day 165 has 50 protein-coding genes (browser view), including TLR7 and TLR8 (toll-like receptor 7 and 8).

TLR7 and 8 detect single-stranded RNA, characteristic of viruses like HIV.

Other toll-like receptors detect other things about pathogens, as we saw on Day 26 (1q41): TLR5, your bacteria detector which detects bacterial flagella, Day 65 (3p21.2-3p14.2): TLR9, detecting invading DNA, and Day 86 (4p15.1-4p13): Three Toll-like receptor genes which detect bacterial surfaces.

Click here to see all 8668939 letters of Day 165 with the TLR7 gene underlined.

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