Day 178 (Xq24-Xq26.1): Tigger, a DNA transposon

tigger-pogostick-01Luke Ward | Genome Year

Day 178 has 20 protein-coding genes (browser view) – relatively gene-poor.

So, today is a good day to point out another transposable element – this one called Tigger. Like L1 elements (Day 174 (Xq21.2-Xq21.33): L1, a LINE element that loves the X chromosome), Tigger elements are found throughout the genome, but are DNA transposons – they didn’t jump around via a RNA retrotransposition step, but just through cutting and pasting.

Tigger was discovered in 1996 and named due to its similarity to the pogo element found in fly.

Click here to see all 8668939 letters of Day 178 with a Tigger element underlined.

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