Day 242 (10q23.32-10q24.31): a folic acid sensitive site

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Day 242 has 90 protein-coding genes (browser view) is FRA10AC1 (fragile site, folic acid type, rare, fra(10)(q23.3) or fra(10)(q24.2) candidate 1.)

Like we saw at Day 66 (3p14.2-3p14.1): FRA3B, the most fragile spot in the genome, the gene FRA10AC1 is named because it overlaps a place where the genome is especially prone to breaking in low-folate conditions.  This is due to a three-nucleotide repeat that can be confusing to the cell’s DNA copying mechanism.

Click here to see all 8362339 letters of Day 242 with FRA10AC1 underlined.

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