Day 253 (12q13.12-12q14.1): HOTAIR


Day 253 has 222 protein-coding genes (browser view), including one of the two large keratin gene clusters in the genome, and the famous noncoding RNA HOTAIR (HOX transcript antisense RNA).

HOTAIR was discovered in 2007 and was the first example of a long, non-coding RNA that regulates the transcription of genes on another chromosome. We first saw one of the four HOX clusters on Day 148 (7p15.3-7p14.3): the HOXA cluster. In this case, HOTAIR is transcribed from the HOXC cluster here on Chromosome 12, and turns down the HOXD genes on Chromosome 2.

Click here to see all 8329707 letters of Day 253 with HOTAIR underlined.

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