Day 32 (2p24.2-2p23.3): ApoB, one gene that encodes two different cholesterol carriers

Day 32 has 41 protein-coding genes including APOB (apolipoprotein B). The APOB protein is the protein part of LDL (low density lipoprotein, or so-called “bad cholesterol”) particles, which shuttle cholesterol in your bloodstream.

APOB is a good example of a gene that is subject to RNA editing to make two versions of a protein. (This is different than alternative splicing – an actual letter of the RNA is changed rather than splicing different pieces together to make a different RNA.) In the small intestine, only the half of APOB protein is made, and this version makes chylomicrons which carry lipids from food to the blood.

Click here to see Day 32 with your APOB gene.

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