Day 41 (2p11.1-2q11.2): ADRA2B, a gene involved with emotional memory




Day 41 starts with the centromere of Chromosome 2, then the long (q) arm starts with 60 protein-coding genes, including the gene for ADRA2B (alpha-2b adrenergic receptor), which plays a part in neurotransmitter release in the brain.

A deletion of three amino acids in ADRA2B is very common. Researchers have found that people with this mutation have enhanced emotional memory. This effect was found to hold true in two very different contexts: volunteers remembering images presented during an experiment, and refugees of the Rwandan genocide remembering trauma.

Click here to see the sequence of your ADRA2B gene on Day 41. (The reference genome happens to have the less-common version with the deletion.) Click here to see Day 41 in a genome browser.

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