Day 44 (2q14.1-2q14.3): A mystery gene, C2orf76

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.03.30 PM


Day 44 has 25 protein-coding genes (browser view). For the most part Genome Year has focused on the most famous or interesting genes, but today features a day that merely has a catalog number: C2orf76 (chromosome 2 open reading frame 76.)

The Human Genome Nomenclature Committee gives names to most genes. Even though we often don’t know genes’ function, we usually can find a ortholog to a similar protein or a homolog protein in a well-studied model organism. In this case, the closest homolog is AIM21 in yeast – whose function is not very clear.

Click here to see the nucleotide view of Day 44, with your C2orf76 underlined.

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