Day 47 (2q22.2-2q23.3): VIS1, a mysterious noncoding RNA

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.17.16 PMENSEMBL

Day 47 has only 13 protein-coding genes (browser view). Much of the middle of Day 47 is a gene desert. It also has some non-coding RNA genes, including VIS1 (viral integration site 1).

Like most long noncoding RNAs, we don’t really know what VIS1 does. VIS1 was discovered in mouse and named because it is the place where a leukemia-causing virus likes to pasteĀ itself into the genome. It must play some role; otherwise evolution wouldn’t haveĀ retained it among vertebrates.

Click here to see the sequence of Day 47 with your VIS1 underlined.


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