Day 58 (2q37.1-2qter): HACNS1, the strongest noncoding innovation in the human genome

HACNS1 3_160169_5_w720


Day 58 is the end of Chromosome 2 and has 69 protein-coding genes (browser view). The most interesting thing today is not a gene, but a tiny part of an intron of the AGAP1 gene that has the strongest signal of evolutionary innovation of any noncoding part of the human genome. This sequences is known as HACNS1 (human accelerated conserved noncoding sequence 1).

Human accelerated regions are conserved across mammalian genomes – evidence that they are important in some way – but show an unusual number of changes in humans. HACNS1 may have contributed to the development of the opposable thumb.

Click here to see the sequence of Day 58 with HACNS1 underlined within AGAP1.

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