Day 64: (3p22.1-3p21.2): CCR5 Δ32, an HIV resistance mutation



Day 64 has a whopping 154 protein-coding genes (browser view), more than any other day on Chromosome 3 (no other day breaks 90.) It is home to the CCR5 (chemokine C-C motif receptor 5) gene.

The CCR5 protein is expressed on the surface of T-cells, and is required for HIV infection. 10% of European-ancestry people carry a deletion of part of CCR5 (Δ32). These people are partially resistant to HIV; the 1% of people who carry a deletion in both copies of CCR5 are totally resistant. This mutation arose in a single human; the evolutionary reason why it rose to such a high prevalence in only one population has been hotly debated.

Click here to see the sequence of Day 64. The flashing “K” marks the beginning of the 32-base deletion.

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