Day 69 (3p12.1-3q11.2): a centromere and CGGBP1, a transcription factor

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.40.09 PM

Day 69 has only 13 protein-coding genes (browser view), and the centromere of Chromosome 3. The genes include CGGBP1 (CGG triplet-repeat binding protein 1.) The gene for CGGBP1 encodes a protein that binds to DNA – as the name suggests, it binds to repeats of “CGG” in DNA, and turns on nearby genes. That makes it a transcription factor.

CGGBP1 is well known because it regulates the region of DNA that causes Fragile X syndrome, but it probably has many other roles as well.

Click here to see Day 69 with CGGBP1 underlined.


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