Day 96 (4q27-4q28.2): KIAA1109 / tweek


Day 96 has 31 protein-coding genes (browser view), including KIAA1109, known in fly as tweek.

KIAA1109 is not well studied in human, but has been studied in fly. The fly version is named tweek:

“tweek mutants further sparked our interest as rare homozygous flies survive to adulthood. These flies are unable to walk or stand upright for long periods, and exhibit seizures, suggestive of severe neurological defects. Based on the adult behavior of the mutants we named the gene “tweek” as it reminded us of the cartoon character “Tweek” from the TV series “Southpark”.”

Click here to see all 8646116 letters of Day 95 with KIAA1109  underlined.

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