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Day 6 (1p34.2-1p32.3): MUTYH, a DNA repairer



Day 6 contains 99 protein-coding genes, including MUTYH (mutY homolog). Throughout life, your cells suffer DNA damage, which is constantly repaired by enzymes – one of which is made by the gene MUTYH.

When the DNA encoding a repairer like MUTYH is itself mutated, though, mutations can start to run amok in the genome, leading to cancer. Inherited MUTYH variants are associated with polyposis and colon cancer.

MUTYH is named after the mutY gene in E. coli bacteria. The similarity to a bacterial gene means that it is as ancient as the common ancestor of prokaryotes and eukaryotes (>1.7 billion years.)

Click here to see your MUTYH gene where you will see a cancer-associated variant flashing.

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